fonga donga

About Us

fonga donga was founded by husband and wife team, Bill and Magda Lattin, in the San Francisco Bay area. We started in furniture design over a decade ago after failing to find designs we liked for our own home. With favorable feedback on these from friends and family, we launched fonga donga to provide our designs to others. Visually exciting, sculpturally dynamic, yet functional products are what we’re about. We hope you will find our designs engaging on multiple levels!

All of our products are hand fabricated by us, local artisans, and small companies based in the United States. We take quality very seriously, with each piece being meticulously fabricated and inspected prior to shipment.

About Magda

Magda is the creative design force behind fonga donga’s products. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Cairo, Egypt, and her career has focused on graphical design, painting and sculpture. fonga donga is the result of her passion for furniture design. Magda has a number of paintings and sculptures in private collections and a sculpture at the entrance to De Anza College in Cupertino, California.

Magda’s Design Philosophy

I seek asymmetry. I like a product to have elegance and yet be dynamic. Like my sculptures, I like my furniture designs to be leaning on nothing, defying gravity, going somewhere. Some products have a playful personality, a fun soul. The ones that succumb to symmetry try to have fun with something else: color, shape, or an off direction.

Sharp angles excite me. Curves are there to soften the blow, but they don’t play a major part in the design scheme. I like to stray from right angles whenever I can get away with it!

About Bill

Bill is fonga donga’s fabricator and business manager. From his co-founding of a successful commercial information security company through his last position as Chief Technology Officer of a major international information security firm, Bill has been actively involved in product design, technology marketing, and international manufacturing and sales for over 25 years. Bill has degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and University of California, Santa Barbara.

Bill’s Perspective

Magda and I are a great complementary team, and I’m very excited by the challenge of bringing her designs to the market. In addition to running the business side of fonga donga, I’m focused on the realization of our designs through detailed mechanical design and high quality manufacturing. I strongly believe that a good product must be practical to use and holistically appealing to not only your visual sense, but also your other senses through the careful selection and use of design-specific materials and finishes.

The Story Behind the Name fonga donga

The name fonga donga is taken from make-believe stories we told to our son at bedtime. Fonga Donga was a brave knight who fought the trouble making Knight Manager. They both were in love with the beautiful Princess Krista. Fonga Donga was terrified of the dark, and of course the Knight Manager always came at night to kidnap the princess. The symbolism is there; we are excited about what we are doing while braving a whole new world. Mostly, though, we just like the name!